Monday, January 31, 2011


Saturday morning we took the boys into doggie daycare for a little fun as we headed out and about. We went into Portland to the famous Powell's Books, the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world. There is not much better than a leisurely stroll through story after story of books. The photography books are on the very top floor tucked into an obscure corner, and you need an oxygen tank by the time you get there, but I digress. After our purchase we left and drove over to Doner Kebab for lunch which serves German and Turkish food. So good. After a few more stops we head home, and then off to pick up the pups. I stayed home to prepare their food, and upon arrival they burst into the door excited to be home. I hear, "Stealer" drift in from the garage. Your dog is a stealer. In the famous words of Scooby Doo- Ruh-roh. I said, Ohhhhh, who's the bad boy? Of course, I already knew who the bad boy was. I asked what he did. Well, the daycare has toys, treats and bones to purchase at nose level laying all over the place, which I have always thought was a bad idea. Seems someone had a taste for a pig ear, which they do not get at home. It was snatched, and gobbled at lightening speed on the way out the door. Next time we owe them for one ear. My husband said, Taren must have been really hungry. Wha......????? Taren? I could not believe it. I laugh and scratch him behind the ears, telling him he has pig ear breathe, and that he has been a bad boy. He flashes his Weimy grin at me, his wiggle butt at full speed, as if to say, ya and it was good too.

Actions compliments of the ever generous and talented Rita at the Coffeeshop Blog


Sagira said...

That is funny. We have a store, Pet People, that has bulk treats at the dogs level as well. Starr has stolen a few from time to time. Well...what do they expect? LOL

Love the photos...going so fast they are blowing up dust.

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