Monday, February 07, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Today is my sweet, speckled wubba's Birthday. He is two years old. Just a baby, but it squeezes my heart to have them grow older. Not all that much has changed in the last two years. He's still the best *speckled* boy in the house, also the naughtiest.

Taren has been the most kind and patient big brother. He loves KK and has always been very sweet with him. Up and until he touches his suckie and then all bets are off. Some things are sacred. I could not love these boys more if I tried.

Happy Birthday, baby. Cake and presents tonight when the daddy gets home. Momma loves you till the ends of the earth.

Where Brod'r goes, I goes. He knows all about the fun stuff. The naughty stuff too.

What Brod'r likes, I likes. Including dirt clods and sticks.

What Brod'r has, I wants. The momma is gonna be mads when she sees what he has. Aroooo!

I wants it.

Brod'r won't gives it to me. I'm gonna makes him.

Even if I haves to take it and play bitey face. I likes bitely face a lot! It makes Brod'r grumpy.

Sometimes Brod'r trades with me. How abouts my stick for yours foamy thingy?

Sometimes Brod'r just gibs it to me. I has the bestest Brod'r.

Look momma, look what Brod'r gaves me!

I brings it to the momma. We can shares. I lubs the momma.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birfday KK!!
Enjoy your celebration and dont forgets to shares cake wif your brudder!

~hdj and co.

Sagira said... cute.

Happy Birthday KK. I hope you get lots of toys and yummy treats and share them with brother T of course. :)

IHeartDogs said...


miloandme said...

Happy Birthday KK! You and your brudder are too adorable for words. That must be why your mama takes so many pictures of you!

SirSilver said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I can never forget that puppy face. Happy birthday KK! I can't believe you are in the terrible twos! :) XOXO


Tarenaround said...

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! I cannot believe he is two years old. I feel like he should still be a puppy face.

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