Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Behind Blue Eyes

When we brought Taren home he was a sweet, blue eyed bundle, of Weimer joy. Just like most puppies I would guess. He would eat, sleep, play, and routinely trot you down the stairs for potty breaks. Time passed and he morphed out of the very young puppy stage into the- Holy Crap! There goes the furniture stage. The- We need a new garbage can, with a lock, phase. Followed by the- Quit eating the ever loving bark, rocks, sticks, and everything that was not nailed down stage. Somewhere along this line we were fairly convinced we had brought home a really goofy, ten year old boy, with a bad case of hyperactivity. One that could not quite grasp the meaning of no, down, off, or for the love of doG not those shoes! He was much more kid than dog. Every once in a while you would capture a photo, and there it would be. This glint of boyish charm, and something in the eyes that made you think he had pulled off something grand.


miloandme said...

That is an awesome picture of Taren! I love the vibrant colors, the velvety smoothness of his fur, and of course his expression:) Beautiful.

IHeartDogs said...

Too cute! I love it when they do that w/ their mouths. Sometimes Lucy's mouth will get stuck like that for a min and it reminds me of the puppeh face.

We were lucky with both pups, they were only slightly destructive and it all left after age two.

What kind of overlay/editing did you do? I love the soft but vivid look.

Tarenaround said...

Thank you! It is one of my more favorite puppy photos. He's such a goofball with his smiley face.

There is no overlay. Just a slight edge burn,a dash through curves,and hit with the the soften tool.

Sagira said...

Oh my gosh...what an adorable photo of him.

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