Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catching Snowflakes-Happy Anniversary

We received a bit more snow, and I do mean a bit. Small, dry flakes that lasted till morning. Enough time to get in a little fun though. I can't decide if Taren is catching snowflakes, or expressing how he really feels about these cold blustery days.

Some of you know that Grey Dog-and His Speckled Brother Too, is really my secondary site. A year ago today I posted my first photo on Rainer Blue.  It was a collaboration between two friends and we committed to no less than one year. As my skills improved, and I found my way around the Blogger format, Rainer Blue gave way to Rainier Blue Photography. A site that I felt reflected my growth and vision. Rainer Blue speaks more to the person I am than I could ever express in words. It was a project born of my heart, a labor of love to be sure. With tremendous, tremendous sadness I have decided to close the door on Rainier Blue and its sister site. For one reason, for a hundred reasons. I believe in signs, and I was given one yesterday that sealed its fate. I do not know what the future will hold. Take a last look around if you please, and wish me a happy anniversary. I'll let it be for a small while.


Sagira said...

Oh no...I don't want you to close it. I LOVE seeing your photographs but I respect any decision that you feel you have to make.

I love the photo with the tongue out. I am going with he is catching the snowflakes. :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE this photo of Taren!!!

I am sad about Ranier Blue... I really love seeing all your photos and creativity.
I hope my trouble posting wasn't your last sign ;-)

Linda said...

I also LOVED your photographs and am saddened to see the site close. You are extremely talented and I'm sure that as this site closes that many new opportunities for you will open up. I hope to see more of your pictures sometime in the future.

IHeartDogs said...

Love Taren's raspberry and his beautiful eyes with the freckle.

You know how I feel about your art work...
Thank you for sharing yourself. I will miss it greatly.

miloandme said...

Darn it, I had only just now discovered Rainier Blue Photography:( I'm glad you are not closing this site since I just discovered it too! Your work is awesome and I look forward to seeing more of it on this site.

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