Monday, March 14, 2011

Long Term Hiatus

This photo best captures the essence of my boys, so I leave you with this.

As some of you may know, my husband and I are empty nesters. Both of our children have long left the family domicile, married and moved on with their lives. We yelled- Freeeeedom.... No more kids or pets and proceeded to spend a summer touring our lovely State on the back of a cruiser. That summer was among the finest. Warm, free of responsibility, and all the sweeter for it. Then we promptly turned around bought a heard of cats. To be followed by our grey beastie and the freckled wubba. Our wild abandon came to a screeching halt and while we occasionally mourn its demise, we are all the better for it. The boys rule the roost as well as our hearts.

They say if you live long enough, all things come back around. Low rise jeans, skinny jeans, high waisted jeans, I've worn them all long before they were a staple of Old Navy. A different name and a different time, but all the same. Same with food. Those cool retro McDonald's? I've eaten at them and they weren't new. Those high end fondue restaurants? We huddled around a Sterno flame dipping bread in burning cheese long before it became a Friday night favorite. However, I don't recall dipping strawberries in chocolate so that is a win all the way around in my book. So, in some ways it should have come as no surprise when my young, adult child asked to move home. It did surprise me though, and I am still striving to wrap my head around just what this means in reference to our day to day life.

What it does mean is my life is no longer be my own. I will shed the hat of empty nester to don the one of mother, once again. It has been awhile, and I am a bit rusty. I quit laying awake at night waiting for our children to arrive safely home. I no longer buy those frozen (horrendous) burritos my son lived on for many a year till he turned vegan. I quit replacing my clothes my daughter would "borrow" never to be seen again. When on rare occurrence an article would reappear it was inevitably ruined. We have all grown and moved on with our lives, so some things will change and some will remain the same as we expand our nest once again. The guest bedroom will once again house its former occupant, the closet filled with craft supplies will be emptied to accommodate the trappings of a young person. The expensive comforter will be folded and stored for guest use. Other things will change as well. My time will no longer be my own, and my computer will be getting a college education, not to mention a bit of culture shock at the new and interesting web sites it is sure to peruse.

This is my rather long and rambled way of saying, I will be off the grid indefinitely. My time and circumstances not being what they once were do not allow for the leisurely way in which I spent my free time. Grey Dog is officially on long term hiatus.

Life ebbs and flows. Where it takes us, is not often predictable, nor the destination ascertainable. Yet, it is still my belief that you should enjoy the journey. So from photo-blogger to mom, once again, we shall go.

xoxoxoxo- A,Taren, and KK
Friday, February 25, 2011

A Little Dab Will Do Ya

We had a bit of snow yesterday, and this should be Winter's last hurrah. The bushes are starting to get new leaves, and the Spring flowers are starting to make their appearance. Not a moment too soon either. Warmer weather is still months in the making, but it feels like it might be do-able these days.

The snow doesn't phase Caelan in the least. He happily makes his rounds, trotting around the backyard.

Taren turns all pink from the cold, even though we were out just a short while. Him and I agree, a good snuggle on the couch seems like a better idea than the white stuff.

What's that noise?

Nothing snaps their heads around quicker than the woodpecker. I haven't heard him in a while, so I am glad he has returned. Taren is all wide eyed as he listens. What's that?

Taren says, How about that nap? This photo makes me yawn every single time I look at it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Trip To The Vet

Caelan has had a pea sized lump on his side for a while now. I figured it was just the result of boy will be boys, an injury from a bit of rough play. I didn't feel like it was anything to worry about, but kept my eye on it. The lump was movable and did not seem to hurt him, yet he was aware when I looked at it, and I looked at it often. I hit up Google and began to fret and imagine the worst like most of us dog lovers do. The, nothing to worry about, became something to worry about and we called the Vet. I met my husband at the office and he took him in while I waited with Taren in the Jeep. I don't take the boys in because they do better when I am not there, especially Taren who gets overly protective. I sat there with a vice around my heart waiting. I could see the examination room from my viewpoint, and watched as the vet examined KK, although I could not actually see him. Seems Caelan has no more than a clogged up sebaceous gland for which I will go back to keeping my eye on. Fluid was aspirated and it was measured for comparison sake, and all is okay. Thank goodness. I rather felt like the overly protective doggy parent, who needed to back away from Mr. Google, but you can't put a price on the feeling of relief that comes from knowing those you love and cherish are well, and that a bump is just a bump. A rather unsightly and clogged bump, yet and still, just a bump.

I wanted to share KK's Valentine photo for the year with you. He is such a good sport.

The kit I used can be found for download (free) here:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How It's Done

I love this series of photos, not only is Taren showing KK how it's done, but I can almost read his mind. He is leery of the candle, but food trumps caution when stalking cake.

Taren: Mmmmm....cake. It's on the table, and I'm not supposed to be up here, but the momma isn't clapping her hands at me like an insane person and saying, OFF! So, lets creep in here, maybe she won't notice. 


Mmmmmmm.....Frosting. I'm going to keep my eye on that candle though.

Actions compliments of the ever generous and talented Rita at the Coffeeshop Blog
Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is bar none the worst photo I have ever seen of Taren. It is bad. Bad lighting, bad angle, just bad, bad, bad, and being such, just makes me laugh. So who can resist a nice play on words Valentine wish? Certainly not I. That being said, Happy Valentine's day! If Valentine's Day is not your bag, well- Happy Monday, it will be over soon!