Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Snow 2010- Oregon Style

Prior to the end of the year we had a snow storm-Oregon style. It lasted all of 30 minutes, maybe. Go ahead and laugh it up my snow bound friends. I'll wait. Hey, rain, not snow is our claim to fame. At least in the Willamette Valley.  So you will have to cut us a little slack. This is my backyard. I live among the trees.

Every time it snows I rush the pups outside, so we don't miss it. I am always woefully unprepared. Summer shoes, of course, all the better to soak up the water, and never a coat to be found in the down stairs closet.  Caelan loves the snow. He always has the zoomies. Weeeeeee!

Now the other way.

Even Taren my water phobe gets in on the fun. They zoomie separately, they zoomie together, they zoomie side by side. Zoom, zoommm, Zoomie.

Caelan is thrilled with the snow.

Taren is over it. Me too. Our feet are wet, our noses are cold, and we are covered in snow. So goes the great snow storm of 2010. Taren and I head in the house and we leave the day to Caelan.

Actions compliments of the ever generous and talented Rita.


Anonymous said...

WHEEEEEE! Snow much fun :-)
I like the snow too!!

Sagira said...

Starr doesn't like the snow either.

I would much rather deal with rain.

IHeartDogs said...

I'm so thankful to have greyhound fosters in the house because they are the only ones who zoom, hehehe.

I love seeing the boys in action. Those are some really big, fat & wet snowflakes! Anything to shake up the Rain AND Drizzle, lol :0P

I did not notice until now seeing the close up of Taren, but does he still have bluish eyes? I don't know of any grown weim with blue eyes still. My goodness what a handsome face <3

Tarenaround said...

IHeartDogs- Taren has really interesting eyes. They are not the darker, amber yellow color most Weims have. His eyes look different depending on the light. They are blue/green/grey with a very outer ring of yellow. Most of the time his eyes almost look colorless. One thing is for sure, the light seems to bother his eyes. I'll do a post on his eyes so you can see. Taren's parents both have the same colorless eyes. I'll email you a photo.

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