Monday, January 03, 2011

Nap Time

Weimaraner, Taren
Around 3 o'clock every day, I could seriously take a nap. Maybe because I am a life long insomniac and that is when it all catches up with me, or maybe it's that proverbial mid afternoon crash advertisers use to sell us energy drinks, coffee, and other such energizers. Mmmmmm....Coffee sounds really good right now. I rarely indulge in a late afternoon nap, but yesterday I caved in. Maybe it's Winter and it has been chilly, but I threw some pillows on the floor and grabbed one of the zillion blankets we have laying around and laid down on the floor. It did not take long for the pups to follow, as I knew they would. The late afternoon sun streamed through the blinds creating a very inviting picture. Enough so, I wished I had my camera. The wind was blowing and the tops of the oak trees were swaying in the breeze. That was the single most reason we purchased this home nearly five years ago to the day. On the upper floor we have a bonus room, or depending on the region you live in, may call it a family room, or a media room. Nonetheless, we stood in this room to gaze out on nearly an identical afternoon, among the tree tops, only to see a baby deer laying in what would become our backyard. Sold! On this day though, as I laid under the covers I had a speckled dog laying along side me, my arm around him and his head tucked under my chin. Taren was lying on the other side, his head propped up on my leg, both asleep. It was wonderfully warm and comforting and you come to realize this is the stuff life is made of. Simple moments with those you love in the quiet of winters grasp. An afternoon nap- I highly recommend it.

As always, textures compliments of the ever generous and talented Jerry Jones of Shadowhouse Creation.


June said...

That sounds HEAVENLY!
Last week I napped for 5 hours. Sans Weims, but they were good as gold (well, silver) and didnt stir until I had awoken myself!

We, too, have tons of blankies and pillows all over for laying with BnJ... Sometimes we can bring Blue up onto the bed but if he's there then Junei wont come in... she's a weirdo that way, but better that than the alternative extreme she goes to w/ him! But in the living room, the afternoon sun streams in and the dogs love to "follow" it. DH is lucky; he's home until 4 most days so he can enjoy a nap on the floor with them just like you did! :-)

IHeartDogs said...

I could not agree with you more. I have chronic fatigue so have spent many afternoons napping with the pups on their full size bed.

Nice use of the canvas texture on handsome Taren :)

Tarenaround said...

My mom is a sucker for the after Winter fleece/micro fiber blanket sale. Mainly because *I* am a sucker for their soft, fluffy goodness. The amount I have of these is obscene, but no one is ever cold while they nappie.

Yes, I am rather fond of that canvas texture. You get one guess as to where I got it. =0)

Sagira said...

I take naps on Saturday and LOVE favorite is a spring time nap when you can open the windows and let the fresh air in. nice.

Anonymous said...

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Tarenaround said...

Anonymous- I just sent you an email. =0) -Grey Dog Photography

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