Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trouble 2011 Edition

Well, he made it to the 11th, that's something, right?
Somebody has been a baddddd boy. (bad)
He's still the best speckled boy around though. (sort of)

As always, textures compliments of the ever generous and talented Jerry Jones of Shadowhouse Creation.


IHeartDogs said...

Lies, lies, lies! I don't believe your mama one bit KK!

And yes, Taren you are a handsome angel indeed.
You're right about his eyes being colorless--Wow!

Excellent shots <3

Sagira said...

LOL....aww KK is an angel. That is one big hole that was dug though, WOW!

Tarenaround said...

Oh,that hole is NOTHING. You should see the crater sized one in the corner. They both like to dig. That is not why he is in trouble. The boys have a huge fenced in part of our back property. It's all theirs, so they can dig to China if they want. =0)

June said...

They are both so cute, how could KK be bad?
I love the graphics! Very fun...
Still not able to post on the other blog :-(

miloandme said...

Ha ha! I love it!

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