Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Lurks In The Shadows

German Shorthaired Pointer Stalking Squirrels
Morning comes early at our house. I feed the dogs straight away, because Taren is pretty sure he is on the verge of starving to death if you do not. I pour my coffee, and nuke it so it is extra hot.  Just the way I like it.  Then drown it in creamer and fake sugar. Yes, I am well aware that somewhere in the world a gourmet coffee grower just heaved a great sigh. I then trudge upstairs, turn on the computer and proceed to drink my coffee. Bothering me before the caffeine flow is firmly established is a bad idea, a badddddd idea. I hear the door open, and the boys rush outside to potty, and then I hear the barking. They normally never bark so I wonder what is out there in the dark. I yell out the window a sharp- Caelan!  His pitch and fervor rise. It's 5 a.m.- Hi Neighbors! Good Morning! Somewhere in our neighborhood I am sure someone is thinking- Gonna shoot me a dog. I run down the stairs, I never want to be *that* neighbor. I get Caelan to begrudgingly come in, and I proceed to drink my now not optimally warm coffee. Grumble.....  As the morning progresses I let KK back outside and he rushes to the edge of the deck, stands, and leans over the railing. His entire body is quivering. I usually throw bread over the edge for wildlife, so I was expecting to see a deer or two. I know, bad habit.  I look over the railing and I see what appears to be a cat. I go back into the house thinking, That was kind of a weird looking cat.  So I look out the window and sure enough it was a weird looking cat, up and until he turned into the light. It appears we have ourselves a possum. I grab Caelan, yell at my husband to come look and make it snappy, and shut the door in a hurry. You know, because they can levitate, hurl themselves at your face and suck out your soul through your nostrils. Okay, maybe not, but their eyes glow red and they growl, and not in a very nice way. Have you seen their teeth?! So while my coffee is now stone cold, I know what lurks in the dark, and am none too happy for the knowledge.


SirSilver said...

Oh man, glad you got away when you did. I brought Calvin outside the other night, and turned the corner off our deck and found ourselves facing a possum. Like, 2 feet away. Calvin and the possum were so dumbstruck that they both just kind of froze and stared. I dragged Calvin back up into the house and like 10 minutes later he finally recovered and started barking his fool head off...haven't seen the possum since, luckily!

June said...

I dont like possum at all! Very creepy! Always an adventure in my yard, too... raccoons, skunks, cats, gophers, possum, rabbits and birds. Junie goes nutty. Blue used too when he went out on his own. (He's gotten skunked and also ate 2 kits once)

I'm jealous that you have coffee in the am before anything. I brew it and wait til I get to the office before I even take a sip! :-)

Sagira said...

Yikes! Those things are scary and mean. Good thing it didn't hurt your pups.

Sorry you didn't have the perfect morning coffee.

And I agree with you, I never want to be "that" neighbor but I'm sure my pups do annoy people from time to time but I try really hard to keep them quite.

Tarenaround said...

Who knew a few possums could stir up so much trouble,huh?

I quit throwing out bread, and I haven't seen him since. It's just knowing he's out there with his trouble making buddies that kind of quirks me out a bit.

IHeartDogs said...

I love the bokeh in the photo :)

I would love to pet KK's head and ears, they look sooooo velvety!

Always leave it to the boys to ruin your morning coffee...darn wildlife!
LOL @ "weird looking cat."

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