Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Toys Don't Last

I will be the first to admit toys don't last long around my house. The boys play hard and fast. We have spent a small fortune on keeping them entertained. Who am I kidding?  They are the ones providing the entertainment.  There is nothing better than an afternoon of keep away, bitey face, fetch, and boys will be boys, roughhousing. The particular toy in the photo was a Kong Pet Stix and lasted longer than most. All the extra branches made it exceptionally fun as there was always someplace to grab onto. I was sorry to see it's demise. When I heard the first seam groan I knew its days were numbered. Like with any toy, the first bit of stuffing to show results in a destuffing frenzy. I can't wait till summer. I miss these warm evenings of play. Please ignore the abysmal state of the grass. We were waiting for it to die, so we could till it under and cover it with bark for the boys. We do own a lawnmower. Really!

Click new products and scroll a bit if you want to get a good look.

*Disclaimer- No, I don't work for Kong. I know fellow pet owners just like to see the goods. =0)


Sagira said...

Aww..they play so well together. Bitey face game is the best. :)

IHeartDogs said...

Amazing series! I am in awe that you can take these clear action pics with the 70-300! *insert hail emoticon*

You have such a steady hand...

Gosh, you can really see how much bigger KK is than Taren. I love how you chose to present them in B&W; it really lets the viewer focus on the intensity of emotions without color distracting... I love B&W but have felt color seem to express the correct feeling/message lately and have not found a pic where I prefer in B&W.

But this is absolutely perfect in B&W :)

And yes, we all spend a fortune on toys that last a few minutes, but the joy on their faces is worth pockets full of lint.

Sorry for such a long post!

Tarenaround said...

Yes, KK is a *big* boy. He is really tall, but he weighs less than Taren. Taren is very muscled though from all the running. He put in 6 miles this morning.

June said...

Junie is a power chewer and toy destroyer too. She never played like that w/ her brudder though. Bitey face yes, but an altogether different game to her!

I love these shots, Andrea....very nice contrast and detail. I love BW photography!

SirSilver said...

I love the fourth one down, such intensity in Taren's eyes! And isn't it just like a weim to be looking AT the camera half the time...strike a pose!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Haha...these are so cool! I love the first picture, and the third with the flying ears. Very nice shots from some fast action. I like how intense Taren's eyes are even though these are action shots. Very, very nice. Seems like KK might be the tug-o-war winner though. :)


miloandme said...

A very nice series but the 4th one down is definitely my favorite. The intensity and emotions on Taren's face are so visible in that picture. I can even see his eyebrows and how expressive they are making his face.

Tarenaround said...

Thank you for the kind words! It is hard to go wrong when you have such cooperative subjects.

Taren is very intense by nature, and it seems you can read his thoughts easily by the look on his face. Some days he seems very human.

Yes, KK does seem to win at tug-o-war quite often, even though Taren is quicker and more mature. KK just has more of the-mine, mine, mine, way about him. LOL

Sean Swatsky Photography said...

Love them!!!

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