Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yours Is Mine

Dogs around the world are known for their, if it's yours it's mine, theory of life. It certainly applies with my two boys. Caelan also like to extend those beliefs to his humans. The boys are inside dogs, but they like to go outside during the day to lay in the sun, stalk the squirrels, snorkel in their pool, or watch the deer. There is only one way to the backyard and that is through the French doors off the kitchen. Which leads to the deck and is entirely fenced. I supervise them while they are outside, my desk being strategically located in front of a large window just for this reason. I can see the entire backyard from this location, except one very small corner of the deck right as you come out the doors. Housed in this corner is a planter box, home to a lush sage plant that winters over. Its a beauty, large and too heavy to move. Well, it used to be. Caelan has systematically whittled it down to something that resembles Charlie Browns Christmas tree. He doesn't eat it, he just likes to yank the branches off leaving a trail to the kitchen, being the little helper that he is. I pick up the branches, wash off the slobber and dry the leaves for future use. Lately he has been taking mercy on my plant, or perhaps its just been too hot for wanton destruction. LOL None the less it has been looking pretty good in a sad sack manner of speaking. Fast forward yesterday. The boys come in the house and they come straight away to get some momma loving. Caelan likes to drape himself across my lap, lay his head on my chest and watch the squirrels from the window. I like to mindlessly stroke his silken ears and sniff his head. The boys always smell like fresh air and sunshine. Except for today, when his head smelled like sage....

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Sagira said...

haha....Caelen such a naughty boy! :)

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