Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who's A Good Boy

When we take the pups for walks my husband often ends up ahead as I stop and snap photos of whatever happens to catch my eye. Taren is my protector. He only lets me get so far behind before he slams on the breaks. Refusing to budge, and patiently waits for me to catch up. There seems to be a certain radius he is comfortable with as I do not have to come up to join them. As I close in on him he always flashes me his doggy grin that seems to say, Who loves the momma? That's right, I do, I love the momma, before he trots about his merry way. Glancing back occasionally to see that I am safe, and near.

***Taren is on a lead, it has been edited out.

Actions compliments of the talented Rita at Coffeeshop.

Copyright Grey Dog Photography 2010, All Rights Reserved


Sagira said...

He is such a good boy watching over his mom like that. :)

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