Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My Silly Boys

My boys are a perfect pair. They are about as silly as two dogs can get. You've often heard me say they suffer from excess personality and after you watch this short video you will see why. They love to ride in the Jeep, and I love to watch them. These photos were taken from the passengers side mirror, no I'm not driving. Things start out fine and then morph into the ridiculous. It never fails to make me laugh. The video is short, less than two minutes. For what ever reason they seem to like the feel of the wind in their jowls. Especially Caelan, he looks like a blow fish.

As a disclaimer, the window is not down far, we live in the country and these were taken on a gravel farm road, in the middle of no where. We are going ten miles an hour if that. The only thing in sight is cows. The boys are on a lead and no one is in any danger of falling out or getting hurt. I promise. Now go watch the video. Aroooooo!
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June said...

those are some silly faces... and WHITE teeth! LOL

Sagira said...

I already posted this (oh wait, that was my mom not me). But this video is SO funny and made my mom laugh so hard.

Tarenaround said...

June- That's funny, I thought their teeth looked really white too. LOL Must be all those bones.

Sagira- The photos of the boys look so silly I kind of felt bad about posting them. LOL It does make for a good laugh though.

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