Saturday, August 07, 2010

Saturday Morning Fun

German Shorthaired Pointer
Caelan is sweet beyond compare. Good natured, a huge snuggler, likes to be petted and loved from sun up till sun down. He is also the resident trouble maker. As the old adage goes, a tired dog is a good dog, so we look for ways to keep him entertained. A few Christmases back we bought the cats a remote control truck. I know that may seem a bit odd, but they are chasers. We put a tail on the truck and oh, did they chase. When we got Taren he naturally got in on the action as well. He likes to run and bark at it. Caelan was just looking for trouble this morning so the old remote control was resurrected. He absolutely did not know what to make of it. He watched, his eyebrows working, he dodged and weaved, jumping on the couch and up out of the way for a view from above. Finally coming to lean against me, trying to wrap to his mind around it. We filled the trunk with kibble and Taren caught the scent soon enough and the chase was on gobbling piece by piece as he caught the truck. Caelan was happy to get his share from the wayward pieces that fell as the truck skidded around corners. It was quite a sight on an early Saturday morning. I think Caelan will need some time to figure out the true delight of this new toy. Unfortunately, it did not tire him a bit so a walk will be the order of the day. Happy Saturday! Aroooooooo

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Sagira said...

We <3 Caelen. :)

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