Monday, August 09, 2010

You Are Bugging Me-Nap Edition

Caelan is a happy boy, with a goofy grin. If he were a human he would be the equivalent of the class clown. He does take one thing seriously though, and that is nap time. He likes to prop his head on the end of the couch, look out the window and watch the squirrels. This poor couch has been through two kids, a herd o'cats, five moves and has long since been replaced and relegated to the pups. He slowly drifts off to sleep to dream about whatever dogs do. If you speak his name he will begrudgingly look your way. If you do so with a camera in your hands, you get the grumpy look. Also known as the, Are you kidding me?, look of doom. The one that says, you own shoes and I know where to find them. It makes me laugh to look at this photo because he is so obviously annoyed at me, rightfully so, and it is a face I have so rarely seen.

 Copyright Grey Dog Photography 2010, All Rights Reserved
As always, textures compliments of the ever generous and talented Jerry Jones.


Sagira said...

Awww...Caelen so cute taking a nap. I really love the expression on his face in the last one. :)

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