Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Catch!

Taren is a catcher. He rarely misses. So rare, that it takes me by surprise and is usually a result of my less than stellar throwing ability. I think I am the only person on earth that cannot throw a Frisbee. It seems I cannot master the all elusive *snap*. It either whizzes off into the neighbors yard or hovers, then flops to earth like a dead fish. None the less Taren has learned to compensate. He jumps, he dives, he twists and swivels and his accuracy astounds me. He doesn't wait for it to fall into his mouth, he snatches it from the air with precision, large or small. Frisbee, ball, carrots, popcorn, he catches it all. His freckled brother, not so much. It flies over his head or six feet to the left and he cannot quite bother himself to humor me. He will happily trot after it on landing, but if I cannot throw it to his standards, he will not catch it. The thing is Caelan, at 18 months, is learning the error of his ways as waiting in the wing is his brother who has his eye on the prize, who likes to snatch and run, and the chase is on. It makes for good times.

As always, textures compliments of the ever generous and talented Jerry Jones.
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Anonymous said...

they are each other's yin and yang... Caelan likes to go in water, Taren is a good catcher!

Sagira said...

Makes you wonder how they catch them when in this photo it doesn't look like his eyes are on the ball at all.

And don't worry, my hubby isn't very good at throwing a Frisbee either. We have a Frisbee play group every Weds. with this pro disc guy and OMG, is he amazing to watch with his dogs.

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