Monday, August 16, 2010

You Get It

This photo was taken last summer when Caelan was just a puppy. It was the second of such pools to grace our deck. Taren was apparently just as enthused with this years tropical themed selection as he was with the prior years that had been relegated to the deer . The deer were grateful for a cool drink in the summers sweltering heat even as our grey pup bid his good riddance. The boys circled the pool watching the ball float and bob and the message was clearly visible, You get it, No *YOU* get it, and so the summer went. I floated toys and treats. I begged, bribed, and cajoled and they simply weren't going to get their feet wet no matter how hot. Fast forward this summer and I once again filled the pool with high hopes. Taren looked at me with the pity you reserve for the not too bright, bordering on completely mad. Caelan however, stepped in, stuck his head deep into the water, snorkeled around and scooped up his treat off the bottom of the pool. I shot Taren a smug look of triumph. HA! Caelan loves the pool he wanders in and out all day long. Taren still has yet to get his feet wet, but deigns to use is as a very large if not obnoxiously bright water bowl.

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Sagira said...

That is so cute. I can totally see them saying No you get it! haha

Anonymous said...

Aw... Caelen is SOOOOO Little there... time flies while the pups grow!

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