Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello Ladies

This photo of Taren when he was just a puppy never fails to make me laugh. I have always suspected he was just a human in a dogs body. A somewhat dorky, and goofy human. Here he sits looking Rico Sauve, Hello Ladies, How are you? Fantastic! Except it starts to derail when you notice his scarf is upside down and there is a blade of grass stuck in his mouth. LOL Better luck next time big boy. Momma loves you anyway.
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June said...

at work... I just Laughed out loud and people come look what was so funny!!! ;-)

Tarenaround said...

He's just all kinds of ridiculous isn't he? Everyone else has the show dog of Weims, I get the class clown. LOL

Sagira said...

haha....what a cute photo. Love it, looks like it needs to be made into a card or something. :)

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