Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Home Protection

Taren goes by many names. When he was little we called him Taren-gator because of his sharp little baby teeth. My wonderful friend Amber calls him T-dawg. I call him Tare-Tare, or sometimes Bubba. I affectionately call him my bad boy, but the true title goes to his brother. More often than not I call him, my boy. How's my boy? You're a good boy. Momma loves the boy. All the while he does the Weimy wiggle butt and sticks his wet nose in my face, basking in the attention and praise. Beyond any of those titles, Taren is my protector. He follows me from room to room. He watches me for clues, but more so, he watches others. I always feel safe in his presence and for that he IS a very good boy, and the momma loves the boy.

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Sagira said...

Aww...that is so sweet. Starr follows me from room to room but I think if someone came in she would leave me and run and hide, haha

June said...

Blue is "the boy", too...how's the boy, kiss the boy for me while I'm at work, he's the best boy in our house!

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