Friday, February 25, 2011

A Little Dab Will Do Ya

We had a bit of snow yesterday, and this should be Winter's last hurrah. The bushes are starting to get new leaves, and the Spring flowers are starting to make their appearance. Not a moment too soon either. Warmer weather is still months in the making, but it feels like it might be do-able these days.

The snow doesn't phase Caelan in the least. He happily makes his rounds, trotting around the backyard.

Taren turns all pink from the cold, even though we were out just a short while. Him and I agree, a good snuggle on the couch seems like a better idea than the white stuff.

What's that noise?

Nothing snaps their heads around quicker than the woodpecker. I haven't heard him in a while, so I am glad he has returned. Taren is all wide eyed as he listens. What's that?

Taren says, How about that nap? This photo makes me yawn every single time I look at it.


Sagira said...

LOL...I just love these photos especially the yawning one. Starr yawns a lot when she gets nervous and so does Sagira...but she is a Weim wanna be and does everything Starr does.

IHeartDogs said...

Beautiful photos as always with such wonderful detail. I notice some white hairs around KK's mouth <3 and yet he still acts like a 10 month old.

I tried installing the rounded corners without success... I'll have to try again.

Woohoo for signs of spring!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in these pictures. So fresh. That snow is huge, I can just see it falling. Glad the boys got one last hurrah of Winter's white wonder. They are just so damn handsome!


miloandme said...

The boys are as handsome as ever!

June said...

LOVE these shots! They make me smile :-)
I really love the snow on T's nose...

I had crocus coming up about a week ago and then we go more snow :-( I hope they survived.

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