Monday, February 21, 2011

A Trip To The Vet

Caelan has had a pea sized lump on his side for a while now. I figured it was just the result of boy will be boys, an injury from a bit of rough play. I didn't feel like it was anything to worry about, but kept my eye on it. The lump was movable and did not seem to hurt him, yet he was aware when I looked at it, and I looked at it often. I hit up Google and began to fret and imagine the worst like most of us dog lovers do. The, nothing to worry about, became something to worry about and we called the Vet. I met my husband at the office and he took him in while I waited with Taren in the Jeep. I don't take the boys in because they do better when I am not there, especially Taren who gets overly protective. I sat there with a vice around my heart waiting. I could see the examination room from my viewpoint, and watched as the vet examined KK, although I could not actually see him. Seems Caelan has no more than a clogged up sebaceous gland for which I will go back to keeping my eye on. Fluid was aspirated and it was measured for comparison sake, and all is okay. Thank goodness. I rather felt like the overly protective doggy parent, who needed to back away from Mr. Google, but you can't put a price on the feeling of relief that comes from knowing those you love and cherish are well, and that a bump is just a bump. A rather unsightly and clogged bump, yet and still, just a bump.

I wanted to share KK's Valentine photo for the year with you. He is such a good sport.

The kit I used can be found for download (free) here:


Sagira said...

Oh my...I bet you were so nervous. I am so happy to hear that it wasn't anything serious though.

Okay...what does the C+S stand for...Starr and Sagira are fighting and saying the S stands for them. LOL

Anonymous said...

KK's too sexy for his shirt! :)

Sounds like KK must be going through his teenage years, with a little acne on the side. Lol. I am glad that he is A-OKAY.


IHeartDogs said...

Love the card! He's too cute in Papa's red shirt and tie!

So glad it is nothing...We all are worry when it comes to our pups. :)

Anonymous said...

whew! That's a's scary when you find something and turn to the internet. I get in "trouble" all the time that way... very overprotective and inquisitive and then my vet used think I was a hypochondriac! We're still awaiting June's results, but so happy KK is gonna be fine! :-)

miloandme said...

It's so hard not to worry about our pups. Glad to hear everything turned out ok. And Caelan looks so handsome in that picture!

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