Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Let There Be Cake

Caelan wanted nothing to do with his cake. Taren, chow hound extraordinaire was all over it. I think it was the candle. So after letting big brother show the way, I will post photos tomorrow, we blew out the candle. No go. So then we removed the candle. Still not buying it. We then took it off the table and put it eye level and then he thought he just might give it a go. The sweet potato frosting was big hit.

In case anyone wants to know, the cake is a meat cake. I made it with nearly fat free organic ground beef, carrots, whole oats, rye, barley, flax and wheat germ. It is held together by two eggs and mashed sweet potato.

The white frosting is mashed potato and plain yogurt.

The orange frosting is mashed sweet potato with low fat cream cheese.

The orange dots are thinly sliced carrots.

I wanted it to look like a dog food bowl, and I kept staring at KK's bowl wondering just how I was going to pull that off. Hmmmmmm......I wonder...... I grabbed his bowl, greased it up, pressed the meat in the dish and baked it. When it was done I flipped it over on a plate and scooped out the center. That my friends is the best idea I have had in a long time. I let it cool and frosted it, which was so much easier than I had imagined. I then pushed in the carrot dots, and ran some frosting around the bottom edge. I am telling you, it was so easy. I am not a cake maker or decorator. I am a pie girl. This cake came out so much better than the one I made at Christmas- for people. That one looked like garbage, seriously.

I did manage to do one really stupid thing, which I am not up to admitting at the moment, and still cannot believe I did, but we'll get to that. *blush*


Sagira said...

That is one beautiful cake. Bet the loved it. I love how big their eyes are in the last photo. hehe

Linda said...

Fabulous cake - you could be the Next Great Baker, lol Maybe this could be your new business?!

Anonymous said...

My favorite picture is the second to last and then the last one, I love the boys' eyes in the last picture. Looks like they had a real blast with that yummy cake! I know one red dog that would have loved to help KK and T-dawg eat that cake. ;)


miloandme said...

I love the last picture where KK looks like he is willing that candle to be out!

June said...

EXCELLENT pictures!
I love the cake and the genius behind it... so clever...

I owe you an email... it IS wednesday, afterall...I think I will try before the weekend is out. miss you, my friend!

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