Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How It's Done

I love this series of photos, not only is Taren showing KK how it's done, but I can almost read his mind. He is leery of the candle, but food trumps caution when stalking cake.

Taren: Mmmmm....cake. It's on the table, and I'm not supposed to be up here, but the momma isn't clapping her hands at me like an insane person and saying, OFF! So, lets creep in here, maybe she won't notice. 


Mmmmmmm.....Frosting. I'm going to keep my eye on that candle though.

Actions compliments of the ever generous and talented Rita at the Coffeeshop Blog


IHeartDogs said...

I love the series too, the first one is awesome! LOL @ T's face.

KK says: "But Ma, T has more experience than me! It is only my second B-day..." *sneaks off to find a sponge (the green one cuz they are better) and heads to the back yard*

You know me, I gotta ask, so what action did you use?

Tarenaround said...

IHeartDogs: The only action I used was the rounded corners. That's it.=0)


Funny you should mention the sponges. I just found one in the middle of the living room floor. A green one, and have no idea where he even found it, as I quit buying them. He must have pilfered it from the garage as we were all unloading the Jeep.

miloandme said...

Taren is so cute! I love watching their little Weimy brains work!

Now I have a question. Do you have a speed light or do you use your camera's built in flash? I hate taking pictures using my flash but I'm almost at the point where I think there are enough times I HAVE to take a picture inside in poor light so I may as well get a decent speed light. I have found though, that if I set my White Balance to the Flash option, then the colors at least turn out better when using my built in flash.

Anonymous said...

Scary candle, yummy cake, scary candle, yummy cake. Lol.

I hear if you sneak up on a candle, it doesn't know you are there. Lol.

Kiss, Kiss T-Dawg.

Anonymous said...

Must. Have. Cake.
I love these!

Anonymous said...

These are great. I wish my Weimy had that much resistance. That cake wouldn't have lasted 2 seconds! Once I turned my back and my Otto had eaten 36 pumpkin muffins! Scared me to death...but everything came out just fine. ;-)

Tarenaround said...

Anonymous- Well, you can't really blame him, muffins are pretty good eats in anyone's book. 36 might be pushing the limits though.=0)

I bet everything did come out just fine. All day and half the night.LOL Dogs, gotta love them and their chow hound ways.

Tarenaround said...

miloandme- I know what you mean. I hate my built in flash and rarely use it. Unfortunately, I have stained glass lighting in this room and it is like a dungeon. I realized too late I had no idea where my external flash went to and had to improvise.I brought in a couple table lamps and took the shades off and hung my husbands garage light from my light fixture and hoped for the best. I hit up my friend, Photoshop, to fix the rest. I need to find my flash!=0)

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