Monday, November 01, 2010

The Serious Side

Let's face it, there are dog lovers, and there are non dog lovers. When the two meet, there is sure to be a raised eyebrow or two. The boys are part of our family and are indoor dogs. They eat, sleep and play in the house. Anyone that is a dog lover knows there are certain things that come with the territory. You never leave the house without a pass over with a lint brush. You can be assured, on occasion, to pick a dog hair off your dinner plate. If you have food they expect, no demand, you share. They can drag in more dirt, leaves, and mud than any pack of kids hands down. They drool, fart, and burp. They filch your keys, eat your shoes, and polish off a cell phone or two. You have no privacy. They stare at you while you eat, shower, or use the bathroom, and they always want to help. They stand on the back of your leather couch, all the better to stalk the neighbors. They share your pillow at night, and on more than one occasion have woke up nose to nose with a pup. They also hijack the blankets and hog the bed. They lick your hand lotion, they stick their tongue in your ear, and they will wash your face. They steal anything you have in your pockets, leave on the counters, or forgot on the floor. It's all fun and games to a dog, and I will admit, fun for this dog lover too.  99% of what they do I shrug off. They are a couple of lovable, thugs. The joy they bring to my life compensates for their naughty deeds. Yes, I could train the behavior away, but you would not get any more bad boy stories and frankly, I do not choose to. Right up and until the non dog lover, dog lover combo collide. You feel a little hangdog as they empty their jowls on the floor after a good drink of water, and wipe their face on the companies nice slacks. You begin to see your pups through their eyes and try to stem the tide. Which is difficult at times.  Barring doggie boot camp how do you handle guests in your home that may not be as tolerant of doggie behavior as us dog lovers?

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IHeartDogs said...

Welcome back :)

Everything you typed is too true! LOL
Most people that come over like dogs, and if they don't we just keep them separated...We have never had overnight guests who didn't like our dogs so I don't know about long term...

Sagira said...

That is a good question. I think that the non-dog person just needs to accept where they are staying and that it isn't their home. When you are away from home not everything will be perfect like it is at your home. Just enjoy what you have...things can always be worse, right? LOL

June said...

Welcome back!
The non dog lovers in our life dont visit/stay. In fact there are very few of them even in our lives... I mean my mom might scoff a little at a few errant furs or a doggy smell, but she loves her grand Weims and...hey, that's our life!

Tarenaround said...

Thank you! It is good to be back.

I think like all things you have to create balance. You want your company to be welcomed and comfortable in your home, yet the pups are not always instrumental in that endeavor.(Yikes!) I end up feeling like I should have done better all the way around.

Let's face it, we can't ALL be Weim Addicts and crazy dog people and there in lies the problem. LOL

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