Monday, November 29, 2010

Chair Eaters-The Puppy Years

Hi there!

Did you all survive Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the mother of all shopping extravaganzas? I did, I stayed home! Wimp that I am.

Ahhhh, but bargains were to be had. Sitting behind my computer screen, drinking coffee, up popped a message from Corel. They had some great deals. I picked up Painter Essentials 4 that they were practically giving away. Gives me the chance to get my feet wet, without putting out the big bucks for a professional level program. Sunday night we did venture out and walked into one of the big box, office stores to see if they still had any computer chairs left. I know..... how exciting, right? That must be the general consensus as they had tons of them lying around. Well, I was pretty happy. As two dogs, that shall go unnamed-but I will give you a hint, destroyed mine. One is grey, he ate the arms off, and the other is speckled, he ripped off the seat and destuffed it. They noshed my computer chair down to its bones while they were puppies. Yes, it was as pathetic as you imagine and worse. When the screw to keep the seat upright finally gave it up, I figured it was high time. We got our moneys worth though. It is so old we cannot even figure out when we bought it. So I am the proud owner of a sparkling new 'puter chair. Here's hoping the pups leave it be, or there are not going to be any more cookies around here. =0)

So how about you? Score any deals?

Actions compliments of Rita at the Coffee Shop


Sagira said...

I stayed in and didn't dare go near a store. It felt really nice.

Congrats on your new puter chair. :)

June said...

I volunteered for Weim Rescue to wrap gifts @ my local pet store...

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