Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mom Says It's Almost Turkey Day

We woke up to the first snow of the year. Just a bit, enough to cover the ground. Taren peered into the 5 a.m. darkness long enough to feel a bit of the chill rush in, and was completley over it. He gave me a disgusted look, ate breakfast and went back to bed. Caelan on the other hand lost his mind. He rushed outside, snuffled up a bit of the snowy goodness, jumped off the deck into doggy nirvana. He had the zoomies. He made lap after lap around the backyard in the dark. You could hear the frozen leaves crackling under his paws. There is a lot of simple joy housed in his speckled body. Back and forth he went. Leap on the deck, leap off the deck, run a few laps and back again. I hope we have a lot of snow this year.

Thanksgiving is is creeping ever near, closely followed by Christmas. It is a busy time of year for those that celebrate. For all of us, time becomes sacred. I fear my posts will be few and far between. However, I do want to share a great idea for homemade dog toys in the coming weeks. They make wonderful gifts for your dog loving friends, are inexpensive, and all around a lot of fun. Stay tuned.

I also need to get my boys to sit still for our annual Christmas card shoot. I always look forward to it with mingled joy and horror. They aren't called my bad boys for nothing. LOL

Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, for those that don't celebrate Happy Thursday!

There may be more frequent updates over at my other site. http://rainierbluephotography.blogspot.com/

 Momma says we are having turkey and she's gonna share. Arooooooooo! xoxoxo Taren and Caelan

As always, textures compliments of the ever generous and talented Jerry Jones
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Sagira said...

I bet your turkey is going to be the best as your mom seems like a wonderful cook.

Happy Thanksgiving!

IHeartDogs said...

Your speckled boy is a riot!!! You caught the look of joy/mischief in those amber eyes perfectly.
I wish mine would zoom around, but they are older. Leroy is 61 human years!

I'm sure Caelen will be helping in the kitchen with the turkey too, lol. I agree Sagira, she does seem like an excellent cook.

Happy Turkey day to you and your boys(including M).

SirSilver said...

Happy Turkey day to Caelan and Taren from Calvin! (Who, by the way, says "Dude, Taren, you have the right idea...nothing like breakfast and then back to bed when it's cold and dark!")

Anonymous said...

Happy Wednesday!

And Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow :-)


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