Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Squirrel Hunting

I have seen a lot of the back of Caelan's head lately. He has been busy stalking the squirrels. Our resident squirrel population is a band of thugs. Backyard bullies in a small furry package. They tease the dogs unmercifully. They drop down in the trees just out of reach and chatter. This sends KK through the roof. He stands at attention and points, his body quivers from head to toe. His tail bristles out making it look twice the size and all the hair along his neck and back stand out. He doesn't bark though, he just silently watches. Sometimes the squirrels jump from tree to tree and KK will sit and watch for long lengths of time. The squirrels like to teasingly drop small pieces of the tree down on the dogs, their tails twitching and chattering all the while. They are the mean girls of the backyard. Poor Caelan wants those squirrels so bad. When they are feeling especially brave they jump down on the fence and run the top line. I think this will be their undoing. Caelan is really tall and he can jump. One slip up and he will have them. I am not so sure how I will feel about it when the time comes, and its coming. I have hunting dogs and well, they hunt. It is not like the squirrels will not have it coming, furry little tormentors that they are. Yet this animal loving gal has a soft heart for all animals. Even for the garden digging, acorn hiding, rat like hecklers of the backyard.

As always, textures compliments of the ever generous and talented Jerry Jones

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Sagira said...

They make a shirt at the agility shows we go to that says squirrel patrol on them. I think he needs one of those. hehe. :)

IHeartDogs said...

I love the red gundog collar on him :)
And the adorable wrinkles in the middle of the forehead, Lucy gets those too.

The gang will get what's coming to them someday... Lucy has one red squirrel under her belt. I didn't see her catch it, she was so proud and I was disgusted, lol.

Foster Smokey gets riled up by squirrels too.

Anonymous said...

Junie is on Squirrel Patrol too...


Tarenaround said...

Sagira- I went and looked up those shirts. You are right, he does need one. LOL

IHeartDogs- I love the Gun Dog collars. They are such nice collars and you can't beat the price.

HDJ- All squirrels all the time. They better lay low though, or our resident vulture is going to eat them, and then KK really will be heart broken.

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