Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Fun All The Time

Taren loves to play. This is just one of thousands of photos of him and Cealan galloping through the backyard like a herd of elephants. You cannot see Caelan, but rest assured he is right on Taren's tail. We throw the ball, and get out of the way because the chase is on. They thunder around the backyard, kicking up the dirt and turning the yard into their own version of NASCAR. Skidding around the corners, with an occasional figure eight if the chaser gets to close to the chasee. There is a lot of joy in their play and it makes me happy to watch them.

On a side note, I will be taking a small hiatus. We are having company so there are sights to see, meals to be prepared, and conversations to be had. I will talk to you all on the flip side. If I owe you a letter, well, I will still owe you a letter. I will catch up as soon as possible, promise. In the mean time take good care and while my name will not be in your in-box you will be in my thoughts.

Copyright Grey Dog Photography 2010, All Rights Reserved


IHeartDogs said...

What a happy face! I wish my two would race around like yours.

Have a wonderful time with your family. <3

I love the new site, it looks awesome and the header is so cool. :)

Sagira said...

Love the flying ears and excitement in his eyes. :)

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