Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Speckled Wubba

German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

IHeartDogs asked to see some baby Caelan photos. So who am I to deny her a dose of sweet speckled goodness. Caelan was such a sweetie when he was a baby. Not much has changed, he's just added a dose of bad boy to his daily repertoire, and who can resist a bad boy? Certainly not I. We didn't bring Caelan home till he was three months old, so I don't have any very young photos like I do of Taren. They grow up so fast. I can't believe he will be two in February.


Sagira said...

Aww.....SO darn cute!

IHeartDogs said...

<3 KK <3

Ok, I need to know the technical aspects of the pic, lol.
How did you get it to look like he is laying on a white canvas backdrop? I can slightly see the carpet texture...

I absolutely love what you did. And Mr. Serious Pants is too darling.

Thank you...

Jamie said...

I love your blog. We have a 6yr old Weim and a 1 1/2yr old GSP. Our stories are very similar to yours!

June said...

awww... baby KK!!

almost 2 already? I remember when you forst posted about bringing him home on WA!

Tarenaround said...


Thank you!=0)

Aren't Weims and GSP's such a great combo? My two seem to really balance each other out and it makes for a lot of fun around the house. Chaos too, naturally.(and how)

Do you have a blog? I would love to see your two. If not, you could be my first guest post! Huh? Huh?

IHeartDogs-I reworked this photo so many times I could not begin to tell you exactly what I did to it, but let's see...... I used a texture prior to converting it to a black and white using a platinum filter. I used the eraser tool to erase much of the texture, but leaving the color. I sharpened it, then removed a lot of digital noise which added to the overall softness. I applied a vignette, but erased nearly all of it, just leaving a hint on the edges. Beyond that, who knows. I really struggled with this photo. It was not of good quality to begin with, so I had a lot of issues to overcome, which meant a lot of steps and trial and error. I am so sorry I cannot be more specific. Normally I could be.

June- I *know*, where did the time go? I find it even harder to believe that Taren will be three come Spring.

Sagira- Nothing cuter than a puppy,and you ought to know!

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