Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rainy Season

It is rainy season in Oregon. For those that do not live in the Pacific NW the rain starts on a bad year in October and lets up sometime the following June. It has been bad this year. The rain has been oppressive. It is dark and grey. Everything is water laden and sloppy. It makes it hard to be a pup that doesn't like to get his feet wet. The last few days in particular it has just poured. It is cold and windy. Taren does the potty dance and I take him down and he runs to the door. Hurry up momma! Hurry up! I fling open the door and he takes one look out, screeches on the brakes, and heads back up stairs. Lather, rinse, repeat throughout the day. At some point I tell him- Bubba, you are going out to potty like it or not. He can be horrifically stubborn and refuses to move. I end up lifting his back hips gently off the floor and steering him out the door. It is the only way. He is much too big to lift fluffie style and use the heave and toss method I see so often deployed by the owners of our smaller, hairier and more yappy cousins. The long suffering finally gives in and walks out into the rain, but not before giving one last look over his shoulder to his betrayer. Ya, the momma knows. Here's the phone, Animal Welfare is on speed dial. In the end he gets his final revenge, as he shakes off and his muddy paws leave a trail on my white tile.

Then there is the mighty squirrel hunter. I laid out some nuts for the squirrels for Christmas. I got a lot of bang for my nut bucks. The squirrels went crazy and Caelan is in stalker heaven. I cannot get the door open quick enough. He often clips the side of the door as I fling it open. I have glass french doors and I do not think they are long for this world, I can see a little sit training in our future. Nonetheless, he cannot get out there fast enough. He stalks and quivers, jumping on and off the deck racing along the fence. Back and again. All the while the squirrel chatters and throws down nut shells, teasing. Caelan is getting wetter and wetter. The rain running off his coat. I call him in, he hears me, as he glances over his shoulder and goes back to watching. Bad boy! I give him a bit more time, and go get a towel. I call him again, a bit more sharply. Nothing, the dog does not move. Note to self, train, train, train. I am kind of like Taren, I glance out and decide if I am going to have to go out in the rain barefoot and drag Caelan back in the house. He is just sopping wet. I finally go get the treat bag and shake. He comes running, as does Taren from upstairs. The clearest way to a dogs good sense is through his stomach. He takes his turn shaking water all over the house and I dry him off. Summer cannot come fast enough for any of us, especially my poor, poor carpet.

Textures compliments of the ever generous and talented Rita.


Sagira said...

Must be related to Starr. She thinks she will melt if it is raining as well. Poor boy. :(

We have to pull the cookie trick as well to get Bokeh back in. He will just go out and sit in the yard. He is a dork!

I think you said you sent a card. I am bummed because we haven't received it yet. I hope it didn't get lost. :(

Sorry I have written much, have been sick. Just went to the doctor yesterday. I have bronchitis and a stomach bug to top it off. Lucky me.

IHeartDogs said...

Handsome snap of KK and perfect texture!

It is just beyond gorgeous where you live, but I fear I would not be able to handle the 6-8 months of constant dark and rain.

Reading your post cracked me up. Your boys are so yin and yang. And Leroy is so much like Taren and Lucy like KK. I really wonder if it is the first dog/second dog syndrome.

Lucy is the squirrel huntress here. She sometimes would sit/lay downstairs at the sliding glass door forever. Then I realize she is gone so I go check. Once I realize she wants to get the squirrel I slide open the door as fast as possible and encourage her to "GO!" She bursts outside barking mad of course, lol. Leroy hears this and rushes downstairs and out barking as well...

Sadly your KK and my Goose are yappers like the "smaller, hairier and more yappy cousins."
At least big dog barks don't drive me insane... But like you, our neighbors just love the barking too, lol.

Oh, I have been meaning to ask: we see a pics of Taren when he is a puppy, but none of KK? Why? Me want to see some, please? :)

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