Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year. Nearly perfect. The best boy ever. Even better than my brod'r, and certainly better than those fluffies across the street.

Well, I did eat the momma's three cell phones. I couldn't help myself they were so shiny, and new. The last one was red, you like red.

Then there was that Direct TV remote, but they charged the daddy for a new one, and new is good. Aroooooo!

I did steal my momma's fancy memory foam pillow, and dragged it to the backyard, but she has lots of other pillows and this one was really funny shaped anyway.

Oh, and I did tear a big hole in the side of the chair, and ripped the trim off, but the momma has been wanting some new furniture, so I was only too glad to help, I loves the momma. I have been a good boy.

I am sorry I ate those two collars, that pair of sandals, all those books, measuring spoons, that briefcase and daddies glasses. The eye Dr said that happens a lot and he gots a new pair. I have been a good boy.

Then there were all those kitchen sponges. I really like the green ones, but the blue ones aren't half bad either. I really like to helps the momma in the kitchens. I like to help put the groceries away, like the time I took the brown sugar out behind the A/C, the French bread, and the cornbread too. I likes breads. Oh, and I like the toilet paper also. If you pull hard on it, it unwinds and unwinds. I like that game. Momma closes the door now, but I bring in big dirt clods from the backyard and chew it all ups on the carpet. That is almost as fun. I have been a good boy.

I really like to bark at the fluffies across the street, the fluffy down the street, and that cat behind our house. I like to do my part to keep the neighborhood safe. Momma says, the neighbors must just love me, and I know they do. Aroooooo! I have been a good boy.

I know I have been good Santa. Momma says I am the best speckled boy around. I snuggles with her at night and I keeps her warm. I helps her cook dinner every night, and I drag the dirty clothes downstairs to helps with the laundry. I really love daddies yummy smelling exercise clothes and I only hide the socks once in a while. I like to take out the garbage too, I eat what I can. Anything to helps the daddy.

I am a good brod'r too. I only steal Taren's suckies once in a while. Not near as much as I want to. I like those stupid cats too, I help them clean up their food everyday so they don't have to. I always plays tag with the black one, but he bites. He's bad, but I have been a good boy.

Please Santa would you brings me lots of new toys for me and my brod'r. A big bone too. Maybe something for the stoo-pits. They are not smart, and they meow a lot, but they are fun to chase. I loves to eat them. I loves them.

I have been a good boy!

xoxoxoxox Caelan


Sagira said...

Caelan, I hope you get all the toys you want and MORE!

By the way, how on earth have you not had a blockage with all the eating you do? :P

Tarenaround said...

Sagira- No blockage because he is a chewer and a spitter. LOL He doesn't swallow any of it, just tears it up. Thank goodness huh?

IHeartDogs said...

Boy oh boy, you crack me up KK! It'll be funny to look back on these wild days when you get older...
A strong case you have put forth; may Santa smile upon you.

Such a nice pose by the beautiful tree. I love your speckled coat, btw, do you have a thick coat? Are your ears super velvety? From meeting one at the dog park, it seems like GSP have thicker coats/super velvety ears compared to weims??

Tarenaround said...

IHeartDogs- The main difference between their coats is KK's is more tightly meshed along his main body, so he feels very soft and is extremely shiny. The fur on his head, around his neck and down his chest in longer and thicker. This entire area is like velvet, he is so soft, like those awesome micro fiber blankets,but better. His stomach does not have much hair, it is pink and you can see all the spots on his skin. His skin is very, very warm to the touch on his tummy, so must not require much fur. He is softer than Taren, but he is not too shabby either. :O)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Caelan... you are a VERY good boy and I am sure you and your brod'r will get spoiled by Sana this year! Aroooo, indeed!

~HDJ (and Blue, too!)

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