Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Day In The Life

Sheer Happiness
Let's talk about my bad boys. The speckled one to be exact. A couple weeks ago I decided to sit down and watch a movie I had been seeing in ten minutes stints for days and days. I was engrossed in the the crucial battle scene. You know, where the music is loud, the lopping off of heads has hit fever pitch and the blood, well it's spraying. Then Taren starts to bark, in that particular way in which I pay attention. I had the back door open, so I was a bit nervous. I mute the volume and then I hear it. The alarm is going off on our Jeep that is parked out front instead of in the garage where is generally is. I race down stairs to try to figure out what the heck is going on, and I see him. Caelan is standing in the living room with the Jeep keys in his mouth. The alarm is BLARING. Beep, BEEP, Beeeeeeeeppppppp..... I am thinking, the neighbors hate me right now. I step toward Caelan and the chase is on. He bounces on his feet from left to right, extremely happy with himself. He does the play puppy bow, and zigs and zags. I am dying at this point, because it is so completely inane, and so typically Caelan. A series of thoughts flash though my mind- Please don't crush the key fob, I will never get the alarm off! Where is the other set of keys! The neighbors hate me!!!  I am going to kill my husband for leaving the keys out! What can I bribe the dog with?! The neighbors hate me!!!!  I tell Caelan to drop it, in the voice of doom, and he does. I can hardly believe it. I yank up the keys, and of course fumble with them in my rush, and finally, finally, blessed silence. Thank goodness for Taren, because that alarm could have been going off forever otherwise, and it goes without saying, the neighbors would hate me. I lock the backdoor, and head back upstairs, but this time with both boys and I shut the door. I've had enough excitement  for one day, so it's back to the head lopping and the volume just a tad bit lower.
As always, textures compliments of the ever generous and talented Jerry Jones
Copyright Grey Dog Photography 2010, All Rights Reserved


Sagira said...

LOL...Caelan sounds like he is a handful at times. Keeping you on your toes for sure. I can just picture this happening and I am cracking up. :)

Tarenaround said...

Sagira- Yes, he is a handful. In the most delightful way.

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