Friday, September 10, 2010

Wrinkle Head

As our pups grow some things change and some remain the same. The white on his nose is barely visible these days. His spots have become darker and pronounced. His eyes are still vibrant amber and he still likes his head propped up. See his shiny head wrinkles? Those my friend, are pure puppy goodness. He still has them, just as shiny, just as soft, but not nearly as deep. He has literally grown into his skin.

Yesterday, besides causing their daily havoc the boys helped earn their keep. I have been leaving the doors open off the deck so Caelan can come and go. He likes to stalk the squirrels and spends a good deal of time doing so. Taren would rather hang out with me. I had been on the phone when I heard a bit of commotion so I went downstairs to see what they were in the process of pillaging and plundering.  Except that is not what they were doing. They were dashing in and out of the house, staring off the deck, and then rushing back to stand on the couch and looking into the side yard. They started barking up a storm, in a tone I had not heard before. I thought it might be the neighbors cat that had wandered up too close to the house. Well, it was a cat all right, MY cat. The one that is an indoors cat that has never set foot outside in the four years I have had him. Not exactly what I was expecting to see as I peered out the window. I do the, gotta go, fling down of the phone and trot out to rescue my freaked out kitty. He was glad to see me, and I was glad my boys let me know he was out there. I hate to think what could have happened otherwise. In all these years the cats have always stayed upstairs so I have never worried about the door being open. When they have even looked like they were going to venture down the stairs the pups herd them back. After that little scare, how we do things around here are going to change.


Sagira said...

Look at those wrinkles! OMG...too cute!

Funny story about the cat situation. When my Grandpa was ill my in-laws came to stay one weekend so we could go up to the house w/o all the dogs. Well, I thought they knew our cats were indoor only cats (never been out either) and guess my gray cat, Mystic, told them she was allowed outside. So they were letting her out. When I came back home she ran outside I was like hey what are you doing and my MIL was like oh she isn't allowed out? We have been letting her out. EEK! But she is okay and we have went back to letting her know she can only view it from inside the screen not outside.

Glad you got your kitty back and he boys let you know something wasn't right.

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