Thursday, September 02, 2010

Window To The World

Caelan is a watcher. He spends much of his day watching the world go by. He watches the squirrels, the wild turkey, and the deer. He keeps a close eye on the neighbors cat, too close an eye I think. In the late afternoon he stalks the mail carrier, watching as he fills the boxes. He stands on the back of the couch and watches for his daddy to come home at night. He watches for birds, and he really likes the mothes in the evening. He is pretty big on the spiders too. He likes to stand silently on the deck and watch the neighbors. Which is a step up from when he used to watch and bark at the neighbors. While Caelan is watching the world, I am watching Caelan, and everything feels as it should.

As always, textures compliments of the ever generous and talented Jerry Jones.
Copyright Grey Dog Photography 2010, All Rights Reserved


Sagira said...

Love it! Was he a puppy in this shot or is it current? He looks tiny! :)

Tarenaround said...

He was just a puppy. About 12-14 weeks. He is huge now, larger than Taren. =0)

Anonymous said...

I :heart: your boys!
Blue loves to watch the world too... He and June have an open door they watch and bark at everything... some nights when it is late and cool, DH take the boy outside for some moonlight and fresh air... he sniffs and watches so intently!

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