Thursday, September 09, 2010

Baby Taren

If you look carefully in my last photo (below) you will see a puppy in the front with a black collar. That is baby Taren. We went to visit him weeks before we brought him home and took him a new collar and an ID tag with his name on it. It is hard to believe my big strapping boy was ever that little. While it is hard to beat a puppy, I do not miss those sharp little teeth, and the days and nights of potty training. Now we have moved on to bigger and better things. Last night one of the dogs stole a box of Ziplocks off the counter and I had a 150 sandwich baggies all over the living room and backyard. I can imagine they had a blast pulling the baggies out one at a time, much like destuffing their plushies. It took forever to pick them all up, but all in all I find it rather amusing, which I am sure in part is why the continue to be the little menaces they are. They are just doing their part in keeping the momma happy.


Sagira said...

I could look at baby Taren pics all day. Love that the tag is almost bigger than he is.

June said...

I love how he and Caelan "do their part!" LOL

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