Saturday, July 31, 2010


The water bowl in the photo is the first one I bought in a series of many while waiting on Taren to hit the eight week mark, and bring home. It is my favorite just for that reason. I have strategically located water bowls, one on the deck, one downstairs and one upstairs for the dogs. They do not seem to get a lot of use though. Taren likes to drink his water from the bathroom tap. I pull up the stop and when the sink fills far enough Taren has his drink. When it is warm he likes the cold filtered water from the refrigerator, as well as an occasional ice cube. Don't we all. He figured out the fridge trick when he was a pup. He really likes to share my water, straight out of my glass, but I know where that tongue has been, and I am not much on sharing. LOL Caelan is much less discriminating. He likes his water from the toilet when on rare occasional he catches the lid up. I found that out the hard way after sitting on a wet drooly toilet seat one day. He also likes to drink out of the baby pool I keep filled for the dogs. The more bark and dirt filled the better. Clean water does not seem to be a big priority. That is unless it's out of my glass, in which he pesters me for ice cubes. If it's the mommas it has to be good, right? They both love hose water, which I have not ever understood. One thing is for sure, no matter their water of choice you can be assured a slippery train of jowl drool. Which I have found myself skidding across the floor on more than one occasion, arms windmilling to keep balance. No matter how they get their water they are always willing to share, each  feeling compelled to use my lap as a napkin.


IHeartDogs said...

Leroy likes sink water too, but he likes it flowing straight out of the tap. He'll get up on the toilet, lean over and lap it up.
And yes, Lucy is the ice cube fiend here...
No toilet drinkers here, thankfully!
Due to the massive water pools in the kitchen, I now have a huge 4X6 rug just for the two water bowls!

Tarenaround said...

I have two area rugs in my kitchen/dining room area as well as the bowls on a mat, but I swear I always manage to step in the one spot with no traction. Keeps life interesting. LOL

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