Friday, July 30, 2010

My Bad Boy

Caelan is a sweetie from morning till night except he is a bit of a menace. There is not a day that goes by that I don't exclaim an exasperated, Caealn! You see, Cealan likes to carry things in his mouth at all times, where upon they end up in the backyard. I kept wondering where all the spoons went. LOL He has trained us well. We put things away, move them to the far recesses of the counter corners, and use the microwave as a breadbox, and all around store all. He has a particular fondness for kitchen towels, sponges, and potholders. The dog is quick, you can't turn your back for a second or he has snatched his prize and runs. Of course he wants you to chase, and he bounds and leaps and teases till you do. I am sure the neighbors think we are nuts, but both dogs are spoiled beyond belief so the game is on and we chase. It's a bad habit, I am down to my last potholder. Life is too short not to indulge our speckled boy, so we do. Potholders are cheap.


IHeartDogs said...

Total truth there!
The mischievous ones always win over the heart and make us laught with their wild ways. I know I'm crazy about Lucy because she has a naughty streak like Caelan. Leroy is the well behaved sweetheart; always trying to please and do the right thing to make sure everybody's happy.

Never a dull day with your boys around... said...

Lol I have to laugh because my last German Pointer was a replica...he had a garden stash of all the things he day the computer guy cam to fix the computer...he wanted to know were the spotted dog had run off to as he had the start button in his mouth!!

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